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/ That Shadow My Likeness



That Shadow My Likeness

Product Info


Author:  Mercedes-Mary McPherson


320 Pages

First Edition 2020


This novel is intended for adults. Reader discretion is advised.

You know me. I'd stay out at my pond always... It's where I feel the most fulfilled.


The third and final novel in the trilogy celebrates the special times in nature, the joys and heartaches of parenting, and the deep love between husbands and wives – and the betrayal of that love. But a revelation from the past threatens to destroy idyllic lives.

Kelly’s restaurant is successful, and she and Roger are raising their children. He has promised her no more surprises, yet even he cannot shield her from the devastating fallout of that past event.

Raffaele and Gabriella have also been affected, but for very different reasons – though the two families are ultimately unified by the repercussions.

But, the unexpected shock and sadness that erupts in the night forces the characters to once again re-examine their lives.

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