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/ The Frailest Leaves of Me




The Frailest Leaves of Me

Product Info


Author:  Mercedes-Mary McPherson


316 Pages

First Edition 2020


This novel is intended for adults. Reader discretion is advised.

Sometimes the greatest happiness comes out of the greatest sorrow.


Life as she knew it has ended, and the thought of redemption, that greatest human desire, feels as distant as the constellations in the night sky. The childhood trauma of losing her father still haunts her. And again Kelly has endured yet another tragedy...


She is uncertain of stepping into the future, but decisions need to be made – and she can’t do it alone. One man steps up, not as her savior or protector, but as her partner – sharing in her grief as she searches for a heartbeat that was not meant to be.

He has promised to love her even when life got messy, but even he doesn’t know all her secrets or the turmoil that will arise as they are revealed.

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