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OMG I finished the second book and immediately jumped into third and I can't put it down! 

I am so mad at Raffaele but I do hope he gets his act together. After hearing me say things like

oh no and what the hell so often, my husband Bryan started reading the first one tonight.

I am on chapter 16 and will probably finish tonight.


I loved that Kelly found happiness with Roger and he finally made it out of the friend zone so to speak. Everyone deserves a Roger after heartbreak. Bryan is my Roger. He says you're spot on as far as the male perspective goes. He says he sees so much of us in Kelly and Roger. I didn't tell him anything as I knew he wanted to read them, so I had tears in my eyes when he saw it as well. He started book 2 yesterday and is just pages away from being done. He has leaped outside of his comfort zone to read romance and says he hasn't read anything this good in a long time. He can not put it down!


Please please please continue to write! I love your books and I need more of them.
I will let you know what Bryan thinks of them as well. Oh I can't wait for your next book!

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