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Rough New Prizes

Product Info


Author:  Mercedes-Mary McPherson


352 Pages

First Edition 2020


This novel is intended for adults. Reader discretion is advised.

If you've had your heart broken and can still feel the scars, you'll want this book.
Pour a glass of wine and keep the bottle close.


The story begins… Kelly and Sebastian are driving out to their favorite retreat – a funny little cabin in the middle of nowhere overlooking a pond. They’re selling the property, divesting their assets. The marriage is over...

The bittersweet memories of their time together, and those awful last months that finally broke them, haunt their thoughts. They’re each silently reminiscing back to when they met, their first date (how hot was that first date!), the wedding,the interrupted honeymoon – those optimistic times of their new life together. So what the hell happened?

Rough New Prizes examines a relationship – from its beginnings as banter between strangers, to its ultimate decline between lovers who have lost their way – only to discover that redemption was within reach… As in life, reality bites. And within these chapters, reality can leave deep teeth marks...

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