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Rough New Prizes

Frailest Leaves of Me

That Shadow My Likeness


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Author:  Mercedes-Mary McPherson


One: 352 pages, Two: 316 pages, Three: 320 pages

First Edition 2020


This novel is intended for adults. Reader discretion is advised.

The “Always and Forever” trilogy explores the relationship of two couples –
from falling in love to experiencing deep loss – and their hope to find redemption.

Rough New Prizes examines a relationship – from its beginnings as banter between strangers, to its ultimate decline between lovers who have lost their way – only to discover that redemption was within reach… As in life, reality bites. And within these chapters, reality can leave deep teeth marks...

The Frailest Leaves of Me continues the story – life as Kelly knew it has ended, and the thought of redemption, that greatest human desire, feels as distant as the constellations in the night sky. The childhood trauma of losing her father still haunts her. And again she has endured yet another tragedy...

That Shadow My Likeness concludes the trilogy – celebrating the special times in nature, the joys and heartaches of parenting, and the deep love between husbands and wives – and the betrayal of that love. But a revelation from the past threatens to destroy idyllic lives.